We Sell Quality New & Used Vending Machines at Discount Prices!

At The Discount Vending Store, we provide just that– great quality vending machines at discount prices. We have a huge variety of machines, from combination (combo) machines, to healthy machines, soda machines, bulk candy/gumball machines, and more. We have a team of experienced vendors who have worked in the field and understand what is required to run a vending business. We are very familiar with all of the vending machines we sell.

We understand that time and money are typically the hardest aspects of managing a vending business and we’ve found a way to cut your start-up costs by up to 400%, giving you more money to invest in additional machines or other business needs! The secret is actually quite simple: Never buy from a vending franchise! They are all way over-priced. We can typically sell you the same machine, new in the box, for less than half of their cost. Our refurbished machines are even more affordable.

Support for your Vending Business

Furthermore, we offer the support you need to get your vending business up and running. With the purchase of any new or used vending machine, you will get a lifetime of Free technical support. All our refurbished or pre-owned machines will come with a three month warranty, and all our new machines will receive a one year warranty.

If you are outside of your warranty, we also sell vending parts so you can easily service and extend the life of your vending machines.

Finance Options

We recognize that starting a vending business or expanding a vending business takes money. We have partnered up with PayPal and Direct Capital to provide you with finance options. This way you can get started making money today.

We’ve built our success by serving our customers with

  • Integrity
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Excellent products
  • Affordability
  • Experience

Take a look at the excellent feedback we’ve received from hundreds of satisfied customers.

But remember, our supplies are limited, and our prices fluctuate daily, so please don’t delay!