Can I Buy a Vending Machine and Customize the Product Selections?

Posted November 17, 2014

Can I Buy a Vending Machine and Customize the Product Selections?

Can I Buy a Vending Machine and Customize the Product Selections?

As we progress further into the 21st Century, technology continues to evolve and progress at a seemingly impossible rate to meet our ever-changing needs, and to improve our quality of life.  Not even vending machines have been immune to the technology craze; these days, machines can offer anything from cashless payment and touch-screen keypads, to vending machines that will prepare and cook a pizza right in front of you!  Here at The Discount Vending Store we try to offer our customers the best of what the vending industry has to offer. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Triple Profit vending machine made by Seaga Manufacturing right here in America.  Keep reading to learn more about the exciting guaranteed vend sensor and fully customizable interior and exterior.

Latest and Greatest

Our latest and greatest machine is the Triple Profit vending machine.  This is a multi-purpose vending machine that can vend anything from your traditional food/drink items, to laundry soap, hygiene products, electronics, clothing…pretty much anything you can think of!  The machine is fully customizable and can allow up to 60 product selections, depending on the size and shape of the products.  There is the possibility of vending up to 500 items from this machine!

Traditional or Unusual? No Problem

The Triple Profit vending machine can be fully-refrigerated or have no refrigeration. Our customers have the option to vend refrigerated meals and entrée items such as sandwiches and salads, while still offering the availability for more traditional items such as chips, candy bars, and drinks. We have had customers configure these machines to vend t-shirts or tubular containers with hair products. The sky is the limit.

Features for the Win

This energy efficient machine is ADA accessible, NAMA certified, and very user friendly. The Triple Profit vending machine uses energy-saving lighting controls, programmable LCD displays that show messages, pricing, and machine status, and has the capability for inventory tracking.  These combo machines also feature the guaranteed vend sensor. Products must fall through a laser that detects the product when it passes through. This guarantees that the customer gets their product or they have the opportunity to make another selection. These machines come standard with the Nayax Credit Card Reader. These card readers accept mobile payments, swipe and chip cards. They can also accept prepaid cards or closed environment cards. They have voice interaction and are secure, durable and reliable. Our customers have been very satisfied with them.

Customizable Inside and Out

The Triple Profit machines are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. As we mentioned, you can customize the inside of these machines to suit your needs, but you can also customize the exterior of the machine. We have a standard vibrant healthy graphic that we can put on the machine or you can work with our graphic designer to create a wrap that fits your needs. We just recently shipped a machine to a Harley Davidson dealership. The wrap was orange and black and included their custom logo. That machine looked fabulous!! We can do that with our Triple Profit machines. We also offer an option available through our sales department to fully configure the machine to your desired product size prior to delivery.  Just send us a sample of what you would like to vend, and your machine will arrive ready to stock!

We’re Listening!

At The Discount Vending Store, we are constantly updating our inventory to reflect our customers’ ever-changing demands.  We added our Triple Profit vending machines in response to the overwhelming amount of customer requests for customizable machines that vend non-food items.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our stock of new and fully refurbished snack, soda, bulk candy, and combo vending machines, we want to hear about it!  Call 855-200-VEND or send an email to and let us know what we can be doing to better service your vending machine needs.

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