Jofemar Vision Combo Vending Machine



Product Description

The Jofemar Vision Combo Vending Machine is the same machine that HUMAN Healthy Vending uses and can come with or without the healthy graphic on it as shown on the images. It is completely refrigerated, allowing you to vend perishable food items such as sandwiches, salads, entrees, etc. It is easy to operate, program and maintain, and is packed full of cool features. With the sharp looking glass face front, all your product can be seen so there's no need for additional stickers, labels or advertising. Refrigerated and perishable foods or complete meal of almost any size, as well as your traditional pastries, chips, candy bars, and drinks, can be easily placed in this machine. Energy efficient insulation and energy saving set-up options are standard, along with complete accounting data storage and retrieval settings.

The machine that we currently have in stock offers 6 removable, adjustable shelves to house the different selections. It contain 28 different selections but it can be converted to allow up to 49, depending on your needs. You would have to order extra parts to increase the capacity as needed.

It contains a dollar bill validator which accepts $1, $5, $10 & $20 bills. It has a state-of-the-art coin changer which will accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins too. A credit card reader can also be added for a small additional fee, which would provide a cashless vending experience and the possibility of doubling your sales.

This refrigerated vendor is manufactured by the Jofemar USA company.  The cold food vending machine features Jofemar's Smart Vend elevator technology and Easy Flex conveyor product delivery systems. The Smart Vend elevator uses smooth, easy movements to retrieve your product from the tray, and the Easy Flex conveyor system moves the product to the waist-high delivery point.  With the Smart Vend and Easy Flex technologies, you no longer have to worry about shattered drinks. The gentle conveyor belt delivery system pampers your product all the way to the customers hands!

This refurbished cold food combo vending machine will ship directly to your doorstep and will include a 3 month warranty on all the parts and a lifetime of free tech support over the phone. Two sets of keys as well as the owner's manual, will be included with each machine purchase. Check out this video which shows the machine in great detail.


This machine may include an optional credit card reader made which is made by Nayax. The card reader will accept all major credit cards.  It will accept the credit card's chip as well as the swipe.  It will also take mobile payments.  By adding the credit card reader, there is a high potential to greatly boost your sales and bottom line. The credit card reader will also allow you to log in to your machine remotely from your phone, home or office and obtain real time, detailed sales reports.



Condition Refurbished
Warranty 3 Month
Height 72"
Width 31.5"
Deep 37"
Weight 720 lbs
Selections 28 currently
Total Capacity 260 - 500
Refrigeration R134 (CFC-free)
Power 110-115 VAC 8 amps
Owner's Manual Included yes
Shipping Included (Continental U.S. only) yes

Key features:

  • Optional Credit Card Reader with Remote monitoring
  • Vends a huge variety of snacks, and complete meals
  • Energy efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Fully programmable
  • Heavy duty, and durable
  • Front Security Lock with 3 locking points
  • Modular Cabinet built with anti-corrosion anti-rust treatments
  • Injected foam cabinet helps regulate temperature
  • Programmable health and safety controls
  • Program expiration dates per-selection


  • 3 month warranty on the parts!
  • Lifetime of Free Technical Support!
  • Buy multiple machines and get a Bulk Rate Discount!
  • We promise to meet or beat our competitor's prices! Call us for details.