Which Vending Machine Upgrades to Consider

Posted January 10, 2015

Which Vending Machine Upgrades to Consider

Vending machine optionsWhether you’ve been operating your vending business for years, or you’re just starting to research prices and models for your first machine, the key to achieving maximum profit off of your machine is to understand the wide array of different machine upgrades that are available to you, and how to utilize them to anticipate your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. At The Discount Vending Store we offer a few of the most popular and most profitable upgrades available on a vending machine, at some of the lowest prices you can find! Keep reading to explore your upgrade options and discover how upgrading your machine can upgrade your income as well!

Offer Payment Options To Your Vending Customers

Of all the vending machine upgrades on the market, the credit card reader has really taken the cake as far as popularity, profitability, and value. These days, most people don’t carry cash, and a credit card reader allows your customers to make quick and easy vending transactions, while also increasing the amount your customer is willing to spend per-vend. Convenience is key for on-the-go transactions, as is appearance, and a credit card reader establishes a professional, card readers for vending machinesmodern, and state-of-the art image for your vending operation. At The Discount Vending Store we feature the USA Technologies ePort credit card reader on most of our new and refurbished vending machines. The ePort is exceptionally easy to install and accepts all major credit cards. Best of all, the ePort tracks your sales, enabling you to access detailed reports remotely. Visit the USA Technologies website for more details about the card reader and the myriad of time and money-saving services available to you.

Optimize Your Vending Machine

The next step after optimizing your vending machine for convenience is expanding your selections so that your customers have more variety to choose from. Some older machines are not compatible with attachments and add-ons, so if you’re operating a mechanical machine, or a machine that only vends snacks, drinks, or candies, you might look into purchasing a combo machine to expand your selection. However, merely diversifying the options on your existing combo machine can be as easy as purchasing an entrée attachment. The entrée machine is a tall, narrow vending machine that attaches to the side of your machine, allowing you to vend non-perishable food items such as Cup-o-Soups or large pastries. The addition of an entrée machine provides more options for your customers to include heartier and more filling products, and increases your average profit-per-vend. These machines are built by the manufacturer to attach easily to the side of your machine and blend seamlessly with the design, so make sure you know the exact model of your vending machine before ordering.

Other Vending Options

Now if you are still using a mechanical vending machine and are not willing to make the transition to electronic, you may look into purchasing a Bill Changer to enhance the convenience of your customers’ experience. The Bill Changer can help draw more business to coin-only machines, and its flashy design grabs your customers’ attention.

Drawing attention to your machine is crucial to staying in business, as I have discussed in previous blog posts, and one of the simplest solutions for a run-down or lackluster machine is to dress it up with a shiny new vinyl wrap. At The Discount Vending Store we offer a few combo vending machines that feature a Healthy Wrap, which is a bright and colorful fresh-fruit design that announces to your customers that your vending products are “Good For You!” Vinyl and vinyl/plastic machine coverings are available from several vending distributors and can be an economical way to renovate your vending machine.

Maintaining a vending business is not as simple as setting your machine at a location and waiting for the money to roll in. It takes effort, research, and innovation to realize the full earning potential of your vending machine. At The Discount Vending Store we are committed not only to providing high-quality new and refurbished vending machines and accessories, but also to coaching vending operators and providing resources and recommendations to help you become the best vending entrepreneur you can be. Visit our blog for more secrets to success in vending or call us at 855-200-VEND (8683) and we’ll be happy to help.

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