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Are you looking to provide healthy or traditional vending options for your employees and customers?

We know that most customers and employees want healthy options and they deserve it. With our unique background in the vending machine industry, we’ve found that affordable healthy vending machines are nearly impossible to find, and that’s why we started Discount Vending Store 11 years ago.

Warranties and Tech Support

All of our new vending machines come with a one year warranty which covers all parts of the machine.

All of our used, pre-owned or refurbished machines come with a 3 month warranty from the time you receive the machine.

Best of all, when you buy from The Discount Vending Store, we offer a lifetime of technical support on every vending machine we sell. Whether you’ve had your machine for one day or 10 years, we will help you troubleshoot it over the phone, via Skype or FaceTime, too. You can get hands-on in-person training in our warehouse in Colorado Springs as well.

We have a large inventory of vending machine parts available.

Vandalism is not covered by our warranty, unfortunately.

Inventory Tracking

All of our new machines and most of the refurbished machines have the ability to track the inventory. This is done through the credit card reader on-line tracking software which will track all cash as well as credit card sales. Or you can also integrate into a 3rd-party vending tracking software such as Cantaloupe or VendSoft.

Cash / Credit / Mobile Payments

No one carries cash these days. All of our machines can take credit cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay, and even include chip readers for added security.

Custom Graphics

We understand that image is everything and you may want your own branding. Why get a boring black or white machine when you can get the same machine with colorful customized graphics on it which will advertise for you. We can add your own logo to the Triple Profit Vending Machine at no additional cost to you. If you want to rebrand the entire machine with new graphics, we can help with that too for a small additional cost.


We offer multiple forms of financing to best meet your needs. PayPal Credit lends you money with zero down and zero interest for six months. We also offer financing with Direct Capital and Guidant Financial. You can apply for Direct Capital straight from our website, or you can apply for PayPal Credit when checking out through PayPal on our secure website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return your machines within the first 14 days.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a vending business?


We know that you want a vending machine that is both functional and affordable. Unfortunately, most healthy vending machines on the market are way over-priced.

We understand your needs and want to provide youth with the most value, along with the quickest return on your investment.

Most of our competitors, including the healthy vending franchises, sell their vending machines for $10,000 or more. Vending machines aren’t made of gold and shouldn’t cost that much. We provide new as well as refurbished machines, which are on sale for less than half of that cost.


We believe that each location is unique and the configuration of the vending machine should be also. We can configure each vending machine to fit your needs. Do you need a full size snack machine, a drink machine or perhaps a combo machine? We can customize it before we ship it to your location.

If you want to reconfigure it yourself, we can provide extra parts so you can configure it as necessary.


The Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine is the most refreshing, colorful, convertible, healthy vending machine on the market and is only found at The Discount Vending Store. These machines are made in America and can easily convert between a snack machine, a drink, or a combo machine giving you triple the profits. Our unique 3-sided vinyl wrap can also be customized with your logo on it, making the machine the most customizable vending machine on the market. Bottles and cans of almost any shape and size, as well as pastries, chips, and healthy bars, can be easily placed in this machine.

1-on-1 Training

At The Discount Vending Store, we know that you want to be a knowledgeable and confident vending business owner. In order to do that, you need to understand all the ins-and-outs of the vending business. Unfortunately, since you have never owned and operated a vending machine before, it can seem overwhelming starting a new business or buying a big vending machine that you are unfamiliar with. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged and you may feel that you will never succeed at starting your own vending business.

We understand your dilemma which is why we offer free training with every vending machine we sell. We have trained hundreds of customers so they can succeed in their new business and we can certainly train you as well. Click here to learn more about 1-on-1 training.

Free Storage

We now offer free storage on all our machines for a limited amount of time. Call us for details on your situation.

With a background in vending, we know what it’s like to need to buy affordable, vending machines and not know where to find them.

Here’s how we’ve helped a few of our customers just like you solve their problems.

“Discount Vending’s machines are in excellent working condition and a great price. They provides excellent customer service and works diligently to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner. I look forward to purchasing additional machines from them in the future.”

Bradley Holbrook

“It is great to know if I have any issues with my machine, I can call The Discount Vending Store and I am not alone. I also love the eye-catching decals on my machine. When I am seeking another vending machine you can count on me looking to The Discount Vending Store for my purchase.”

Ray Sullins

“The Discount Vending Store’s products are always in great condition and I would recommend them to anyone starting or running a successful vending business. Their prices beat 100% of what you find out there for that quality of equipment. My experience with them has been fantastic.”

Romel Jamerson

Starting a vending machine business is not rocket science. In only 3 easy steps, you can be up and running.

Buy Your Vending Machines

Since we have multiple machines to choose from, we will talk you through what is right for you. Our machines have many different optional features including cash, credit card and mobile payments. We have new as well as refurbished machines to help you save money.  Remember, you can see the machines and get training on them before you put one penny down.

Place Your Vending Machines

You find the locations where your machines will go and let us know when and where you want them shipped. Need helping finding locations? Since our machines are fully customizable, they can be configured to meet the needs of nearly every location making them so much easier to place. We can offer tips on how you can secure the best location in your community.

Stock Your Vending Machines

Since we’re not a healthy vending franchise, we don’t require you to vend certain products. We will offer suggestions on the most profitable healthy snacks and drinks on the market today along with recommended suppliers. Further, we can provide market analysis on the snacks and drinks letting you know the best prices for you to set them at in order for you to maximize your profits.

Our vending machines have served thousands of companies like these, and they can help you too.

Still have questions about starting a vending machine business?

Watch our FREE webinar to find answer to all your basic questions such as:

• Is it worth the heavy cost to join a Vending Franchise?
• What features do I look for when buying vending machines?
• How do I secure the best locations for my vending machines?