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Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machines

New Healthy Vending Machines

Looking for healthy vending machines? Obesity is a growing epidemic in America, and finding healthy snack options on the go can be hard. Why not make it easy and convenient with a healthy vending machine? Stock your machine with fun and healthy items such as CLIF bars, KIND bars, POP chips, mixed nuts, and more. Add in healthy drink options as well, such as Vitamin Water, juice, and sugar-free energy drinks.

Used Healthy Vending Machines

If it’s the cost which makes you hesitant about taking the vending machine plunge, don’t be alarmed- we offer flexible financing options. Plus, if you have done your research, you will see that our prices are 50% or even 75% lowers than our competition. Of course, all of our machines, used and new, come with a life-time of free tech support which we provide in-house, and a warranty, too. You can also soup-up your healthy vending machine with credit card readers which make purchasing easy!

Healthy vending options are in demand

Healthy Vending Is A Growing Industry

Demand for healthy snack options is on the rise. Healthy vending is a concept that was created to target the growing demand for healthy vending machine options. By providing an alternative to high-calorie convenience snack food and drinks, vendors are seeing a growth in popularity of healthier vending machine items leading to an increase in sales and revenue.

So what exactly is a healthy vending machine? A healthy vending machine is a combo vending machine which  offers healthy snacking and drink options that are low in sugar, fat, and calories.

The other aspect that makes a healthy vending machine different is the size offerings. Traditional vending machines only offer standard product size slots (ex. 12 oz soda slots), but with a healthy vending machine you have more options in product sizes and availability as the machines are designed to be customizable with moving slots.

What makes a vending machine “healthy?”

With the growing interest in Healthy Vending, business opportunists are beginning to explore different options for dispensing their products. Many questions have arisen regarding the definition of a “Healthy Vending Machine.”

A healthy vending machine is basically just what it sounds like. It is a vending machine which distributes healthy snacks and drinks. While a traditional vending machine will quite often limit you to the size of the product (such as only vending 12oz drinks), a healthy vending machine is designed to vend different size healthy options, thus expanding inventory assortments.

An optional addition to nearly all healthy vending machines is an AirVend credit card reader. These particular readers provide unique technology allowing the machine owner to program the nutritional facts of the products stored in the machine.

The majority of these healthy machines will be dressed with an eye catching wrap displaying fruit, vegetables, or another healthy item. This distinguishes the machine and announces itself as healthy. Always keep in mind that a machine can have a healthy appearance, however, the vital key is actually what the machine delivers. If there are unhealthy items being stocked in a nicely decorated machine, then it would not qualify as a healthy vending machine.

A common misconception with healthy vending is the requirement to join a franchise. While a franchise is an expensive, occasionally beneficial resource, it is not a necessity in order to own a healthy vending machine. There are numerous distributors who offer the same machines that can be purchased from a franchise, but at a discounted rate. Buying in to a franchise may promise locations, advertising assistance, training, etc., however different vending machine suppliers, such as The Discount Vending Store, may offer similar services but at a fraction of the cost. Researching options is always a good idea!


What products should we stock in a healthy machine?

In 2007 the National Automated Merchandising Association (NAMA) launched FitPick, which is a system that utilizes stickers for vending machines that identify nutritious products. What they recommend is placing a large healthy vending sticker on the vending machine which shows their customers how to choose more nutritious products. Then the vendor should also place small FitPick stickers next to the selections which are healthy as defined by the FitPick rules where the product must have no more than:

  • 35% of total calories from fat
  • 10% from saturated fat
  • 35% from sugar by weight

A study by shows that when you switch 30% of your vending products to healthy products and you group those items together, and advertise them with the healthy vending sticker, then your sales can actually increase by 20%. If you want more information on the FitPick program or to order stickers for your vending machine, you can visit them at

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