Learn about our new line of custom smart vending machines.

Customized Smart Vending Machines

The OMNI Series vending machine is our premium customized vending machine which will vend nearly any product. You simply send us your product samples and we will customize the machine to vend your products perfectly. All OMNI machines include custom exterior graphics designed by our professional graphic designers.

The only limit is your imagination. If you are trying to sell something small like a tube of chap stick, or something large like a sweatshirt, or even a delicate item like a cupcake, then you will need a specialized vending machine. We have been listening to customers vent their frustrations since 2007 and that’s why we created the OMNI series.

At the Discount Vending Store, you will receive hands-on training which will make you an expert in the vending machine. However, if you need additional help, we also provide a lifetime of free tech support for your ongoing needs.

Stop trying to make a generic vending machine fit your unique products. Call us today so we can customize a machine that is right for you.

Our OMNI machines can include the following features to best fit your needs:

  • An elevator delivery system which lowers the product safely
  • A mix of conveyor belts or coils to dispense the product
  • Refrigerated or ambient temperature
  • 7” or 22” touchscreen for customer interaction
  • Custom product configuration
  • Custom graphics
  • Guaranteed Vend sensors
  • Cashless payments including mobile payments
  • Vending Management including inventory tracking
  • Promotional “free” vends & gamification to increase customer interactions
Customized Smart Vending Machines

Customized for Your Products

The possibilities of what you can vend are virtually limitless with our OMNI Series vending machines. We customize the machine’s interior and touchscreen graphics for your exact products.

Custom vinyl graphic wraps for your vending machine.

Professional Exterior Graphics

Every OMNI Series vending machines gets it’s own professionally designed, custom printed graphics. Our talented graphics team will work directly with you to bring your unique brand to life with eye-catching and stylish designs.

Elevator delivery systems ensure your product is gently delivered to your customers.

Elevator Delivery Systems

They key to being able to vend virtually any product is our rugged elevator delivery system. Whether you’re trying to vend glass, delicate iced cupcakes, or fragile electronics, The OMNI Series can safely deliver any product to your customers.

Interactive touchscreens ensure your customers are informed and engaged.

Interactive Touchscreens

Intuitive smart touchscreen interfaces are at the core of the OMNI Series experience. Display compelling product images, descriptions, and even play educational or promotional videos.

Remote inventory and machine management software allows you to monitor every aspect of your vending machine from your computer or phone.

Remote Monitoring & Management

The OMNI Series features a Cloud VMS (Vending Management Software) that enables you to monitor sales & inventory, receive machine alerts & stock warnings. You can also update product images, descriptions and prices remotely.

We provide lifetime mechanical tech support for with the purchase of every vending machine.

Free Training & Lifetime Tech Support

All our machines include free 1-on-1 training, free lifetime machine tech support and a 1-year warranty on parts. No matter what issues you might encounter with your machines, from changing prices to mechanical issues, you’re never alone and our expert technicians are only a phone call away.

View our most popular OMNI categories:

See the OMNI Series in-action!

The OMNI Compact

The OMNI Compact custom vending machine


Dimensions: 77″x29″x33″ (HxWxL)
Avg. Capacity: 260 items (depends on custom configuration)

The OMNI Compact is our slimmest machine. It is perfect for crowded retail locations, convenience stores, or anywhere the floor space is at a premium.

The OMNI Pro

The OMNI Pro custom vending machine


Dimensions: 77″x41″x33″ (HxWxL)
Avg. Capacity: 450 items (depends on custom configuration)

The OMNI Pro is our professional-grade machine, with world-class capacity and packed with technology to make the professional CBD vendor’s life easier.

The OMNI Elite

The OMNI Elite custom vending machine


Dimensions: 77″x57″x33″ (HxWxL)
Avg. Capacity: 600 items (depends on custom configuration)

The OMNI Elite is for those who want to make a BIG impression. This impressive machine comes packed with every available OMNI feature as well as a jaw-dropping 22″ touchscreen.