Combo Vending Machines

New Combo Vending Machines

Every new combo vending machine we sell will always come with  a full one year warranty which covers all the parts of the machine.  A lifetime of free technical support is also included on all our new combo vending machines. We are committed to helping you and we ensure that every machine we sell gets the attention and service it needs to make you the most money possible.

Not everyone is familiar with a “Combo Vending Machine”

This is a relatively new vending machine that has quickly become a favorite machine for vending professionals. It is a combination of snacks and drinks, all in the same machine, thus eliminating the need for two separate machines.

Studies have shown...

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to purchase both a snack and beverage in the same vend when both complimenting items are sold in the same machine.

We have really come to love the combo vending machines because they are so easy to move, can fit in tight locations, and can be located in smaller businesses which are much easier to find. Further, they are simple to operate, simple to program, and many can accept credit cards as well as cash.

If there’s something we don’t have listed for sale here that you would like to see, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it in the future.

Used Combo Vending Machines

At the Discount Vending Store, our specialty is the Combo Snack & Soda Vending Machines. We know these machine inside and out. Whether you have a healthy for you vending machines business or a more tradition vending machine franchise we can help. These machines are easy to move, easy to use, easy to place, and easy to maintain.  We are now offering a full three month warranty on every used vending machine listed for sale here.

Every used combo vending machine we sell undergoes a 34 point inspection...

... as it is being refurbished so you are guaranteed to get a top quality combo vending machine. Many of these machines are for sale with the Credit / Debit Card Readers already installed. Check out our blog to learn more about Combo Vending Machines and Credit Card Readers. We also offer a lifetime of free tech support which is available through The Discount Vending Store. When it comes to vending machines for sale, The Discount Vending Store has your back!

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