Alarm and Safeguarding Vending Machines

Posted May 27, 2015

Alarm and Safeguarding Vending Machines

lock Preventing Theft and Vandalism…

Beginning any new business endeavor has its own risks and jeopardies. Part of being a knowledgeable business owner is being able to evaluate the pros and cons to determine if the venture is worth undertaking.

In the vending machine industry, headlines like these are seen everyday;

Man Arrested for Vending Machine Break In… Vending machine burglaries on the rise… Three suspected in vending machine vandalization…

They can have a tremendous impact on an individual’s decision to invest in a vending machine franchise. The key is not to be deterred by the warnings, but to acquire the wisdom and education to overcome them.

Monitor Your Machine

Many times, a business owner will decide to invest in a vending machine business thinking it will be an easy way to make an income. By purchasing a machine with the intent to station it and service it maybe once or twice a month, exposes their enterprise to all kinds of security risks. Finding ways to monitor the machine is going to be the best defense against any attacks or theft attempts. A few quick fix options are:

  • Placement of real and/or fake security cameras to monitor your system
  • Displaying signs on your machines stating that your system is being monitored by surveillance
  • Placards stating that the system has an alarm on it can also be somewhat effective

These options are easy and low cost, however will not always be as effective as our next suggestion

Invest in a Vending Machine Alarm System

If at all possible; take advantage of the opportunity to have your vending machines added to the building’s alarm system. However, this is often not an option for many owners. The next surprisingly affordable step would be the purchase of a vending machine alarm system. An alarm specifically for the machine may sound a bit extreme, but in some cases is quite necessary. Use of such a system could prevent theft and vandalism by warding off criminals. It is an inexpensive option when it comes to ensuring the safety of a machine and the products & money inside. These reasonably priced systems come in different varieties, on a minimum and maximum platform. Minimum security systems are made to sound an alert if the machine is shaken, jostled or tilted. These are called Tip Alarms and can prevent criminals from obtaining free products and ultimately walking away with free money. Maximum security systems offer exactly what they advertise in their name, maximum security. These devices are triggered when there is an attempt to burglarize a vending machine internally or externally in an effort to embezzle product without using force. These systems will also detect if there is any amount of abuse or impact on the exterior. When an alarm is triggered, it can only be reset by the owner of the machine. While there is no 100% protection guarantee (aside from standing in front of the machine 24/7), there are significant efforts which can be made to help protect and preserve a vending machine. 

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