Comparing Credit Card Readers for your Vending Machine

Posted April 17, 2023

Comparing Credit Card Readers for your Vending Machine

With cashless payment systems becoming the standard, credit card readers are becoming an asset to any vending machine. Customers can pay with their cell phones and more and more are doing so. Cantaloupe, the leading developer in cashless systems, reports credit card payments increase average vending machine sales by 30 percent over cash, with another 15 percent boost from mobile payment apps. The credit card reader has more than proven itself to be a worthy investment among vending franchises.

So how does a vending machine business owner decide which credit card reader would be best for their machine? We have provided a comparison of the three major companies in cashless devices which we deal with.

Cantaloupe ePort


The Canteloupe ePort G11 card reader kit is the system we trust for our best-selling Duravend line of workhorse vending machines. Extremely durable and reliable, but without the frills, this system is tried and true.  

This unit also features 4G/LTE connectivity, and optional ethernet.

Nayax VPOS Touch


Nayax makes the most advanced card readers on the planet, The VPOS Touch, and its ability to do MDB level 3 transactions make it the perfect fit for our age-verified vending machines, and our state-of-the-art OMNI custom vending machines

In summary, all three of these companies are offering great technology, various mobile applications and consistent customer care. The choice of which credit card reader can assist you the most in your vending goals is yours. In addition, you can get more information about each of these companies and their credit card reader options on their individual websites. Next, visit our blog to learn more helpful vending tips.

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