Google Wallet, Apple iPay, and Android Pay now Accepted on Vending Machines

Posted April 29, 2015

Google Wallet, Apple iPay, and Android Pay now Accepted on Vending Machines

Credit card reader vendingWith the advancements made in technology every day, small business owners are constantly striving to improve their tools and know-how in order to fulfill consumer demands. This elite group of individuals would also be compelled to incorporate vending machine proprietors; most of whom are, in all actuality, small business owners. Vending machines have always been attributed to the sound of change dropping, or the frustrating cry of a consumer as his dollar bill is yet again discharged from the opening. However, thanks to corporate America, those days are slowly becoming nonexistent.

USA Technologies, the industry leaders in cashless transactions, has created the EPort Credit Card Reader with EPort Connect technology. Designated to increase profit and easily attachable to most new vending machines, the EPort Credit Card Reader can be utilized by anyone with a debit or credit card in substitution of cash. With one swipe, monies are withdrawn via bank card and deposited into a designated account established by the vendor. There is no longer the annoyance of exact change or wrinkled bills. Everything is done electronically. They’ve even gone one step further… If you have an android or iPhone, the EPort Credit Card Reader works with Google Wallet, Android Pay and/or Apple iPay. To use this feature, the consumer would simply hold a compatible cell phone in front of the reader; payment will be deducted automatically and the transaction will be complete! In general, the EPort credit card reader has been deemed a great investment by vending business owners due to its easy use and convenience.

However, as a vendor, you may run into the occasional consumer apprehension due to security worries involved with credit card use. Another concern may be the fear of a complex set up. However, setting up a credit card reader on a vending machine is super easy. No phone or electric lines are needed. It will connect to the MDB system of the vending machine and establish connection via a built-in sim card in the card reader. Once an account is established with USA Technologies for the merchant processing, then the card reader will go live. Read our blog here to learn common concerns, how to overcome reservations, and get the maximum rewards from purchasing an EPort Credit Card Reader. At the Discount Vending Store all of our new machines will now accept Android Pay, Apple iPay and Google Wallet.

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