The Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine - Fully customizable inside and out

Triple Profit 3-in-1 Healthy Vending Machine Packages

We’ve engineered this machine to be fully convertible between a snack machine, a drink machine, or a combo machine. It can even vend refrigerated entrees if needed.

The Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine is the most refreshing, colorful, convertible, healthy vending machine on the market and is only found at The Discount Vending Store. These machines are made in America and can easily convert between a snack machine, a drink, or a combo machine giving you triple the profits. Our unique 3-sided vinyl wrap can also be customized with your logo on it, making the machine the most customizable vending machine on the market. Bottles and cans of almost any shape and size, as well as pastries, chips, and healthy bars, can be easily placed in this machine.

Key Features of The DVS Triple Profit

Custom Configuration:

We believe that each location is unique and the configuration of the vending machine should be also. We can configure it to be a full size snack machine, a drink machine or a combo machine before we ship it to your location. If you want to reconfigure it yourself, we can provide extra parts so you can configure it as necessary.

Custom Graphics:

We understand that image is everything and you may want your own branding. We can add your own logo to the machine at no additional cost to you.

For even more impact, we can create a completely unique look for your machine with a custom designed wrap for $400 per design. Once your design is created by our graphic design staff, you can wrap any number of your Triple Profits at no additional cost. The wrap is included!

Just some of our favorite custom graphic wraps we've created for our customers over the years.

Dual Temperature Zones:

The Triple Profit Machines have a divider to separate items that don’t need refrigeration and items that are refrigerated. It can be moved or removed entirely as needed. This keeps some products cool and others approximately 15 degrees warmer.

Payment Methods:

As our tech-savvy society becomes increasingly cash-less, the ability to accept many forms of digital payments is essential to maximum profitability for your machines. The Triple Profit comes standard with both cash and cash-less payment options, including the state-of-the-art Nayax VPOS credit card reader. Our credit card readers will accept the credit card’s swipe and the chip for added security,a s well as all forms of mobile payments, including Apple iPay and Google Wallet. It can also communicate via wi-fi or cell phone signal so you are never out of range.

Guaranteed Vending:

The Triple Profit Machines all come with built in sensors at the bottom of the machine which will detect if an item drops or not. If the vended items don’t pass the multiple layers of lasers, then it will give your customer the option to vend again or get their money back. This makes your customers happy and keeps the profits flowing on your machine.

Tech Support & Warranty:

Let’s face it, every vending machine will break down eventually and that’s why we provide a lifetime of free tech support over the phone plus a full one year warranty on the parts. Don’t be fooled by competitors who offer a lifetime warranty but still charge for the parts. We don’t play games with you. Our warranty is very clear and our technicians will help you by phone, skype, or facetime as needed to help you resolve any issues you may find.

Free Training:

We provide in-depth training at our warehouse in Colorado Springs. We offer this training before or after you purchase the machines. That’s right, you can touch and feel the vending machines and receive in-depth training before you put any money down on the machines. If you don't end up buying any machines, the training is only $650. The training is free if you end up buying a machine! You will meet the entire Discount Vending team and you will come away feeling like you can handle all aspects of starting or growing your vending business. You will see all the features of the vending machines and learn how to set them up, maintain them, customize them, and repair too.

Scrolling Prices:

The Triple Profit Machines have built in pricing stickers which can be scrolled through making it easy to change the price displayed below each item. Many of our competitors machines don’t even provide pricing stickers. Our unique scrolling prices provide a professional look that makes displaying and changing prices easy and convenient.

Remote Monitoring:

All of the Triple Profit machines come with remote monitoring of all of your inventory. This is accessed by your smart phone or computer. It can even alert you of issues with technical issues keeping you ahead of any problems.

ADA Accessible:

If you are wondering why the controls are lower down on the machine, it’s because the Triple Profit machines are all ADA compliant, which means that your customers who are in a wheelchair can access the controls and their product without any assistance.


We only use machines that are of the most superior quality and standards. All of the Triple Profit Machines are Energy Star and NAMA Certified (National Automatic Merchandising Association)

Made In USA:

The Triple Profit machines are made in the USA in the state of Illinois and then shipped to Colorado where we add the final touches to the machines before they are shipped to your doorstep.

Free Storage:

We offer free storage on all of our Triple Profit Machines. You can buy them in bulk now at a discount and we can store them for you until you get locations secured. Once you provide the location, we can then customize the machine to the needs of the location and ship it directly to the location within just a few days.

The Triple Profit is entirely refrigerated so you can vend not only your cold drinks, but also perishable foods like yogurt, burritos, or other entrees. With the glass front, all your product can easily be seen so there’s no need for additional stickers, labels, or advertising.

According to 70% of all vending items are drinks. We have set the standard configuration to offer two rows of snack and candy selections, and then three rows for bottled and canned drinks. The exact configuration can be varied depending on the Buyer’s request. Truly, this is the most technologically advanced vending machine on the market today!

These machines are made for every level vendor, from the entry level novice or the 20 year seasoned vending professional. Below you will see the package that is perfect for you and your wallet.

As locations are secured we will customize each of your Triple Profit Machines accordingly and ship them direct to the business within 2-3 business days. Shipping Direct To Location Saves Your Time, Energy and Money. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Machine Specifications

Wholesale Package Deals

Each package comes with custom branding, free storage of machines, lifetime tech support, free training, and a full one year warranty.

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