The Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine - Fully customizable inside and out

Triple Profit 3-in-1 Healthy Vending Machine Packages

We’ve engineered this machine to be fully convertible between a snack machine, a drink machine, or a combo machine. It can even vend refrigerated entrees if needed.

The Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine is the most refreshing, colorful, convertible, healthy vending machine on the market and is only found at The Discount Vending Store. These machines are made in America and can easily convert between a snack machine, a drink, or a combo machine giving you triple the profits. Our unique 3-sided vinyl wrap can also be customized with your logo on it, making the machine the most customizable vending machine on the market. Bottles and cans of almost any shape and size, as well as pastries, chips, and healthy bars, can be easily placed in this machine.

The Triple Profit is entirely refrigerated so you can vend not only your cold drinks, but also perishable foods like yogurt, burritos, or other entrees. With the glass front, all your product can easily be seen so there’s no need for additional stickers, labels, or advertising. According to 70% of all vending items are drinks. We have set the standard configuration to offer two rows of snack and candy selections, and then three rows for bottled and canned drinks. The exact configuration can be varied depending on the Buyer’s request. Truly, this is the most technologically advanced vending machine on the market today!

These machines are made for every level vendor, from the entry level novice or the 20 year seasoned vending professional. Below you will see the package that is perfect for you and your wallet.

As locations are secured we will customize each of your Triple Profit Machines accordingly and ship them direct to the business within 2-3 business days. Shipping Direct To Location Saves Your Time, Energy and Money. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!


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Each package comes with custom branding, free storage of machines, lifetime tech support, free training, and a full one year warranty.

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