Scripts for Locating Vending Machines

Many of our customers at The Discount Vending Store are purchasing new and/or used vending machines for the first time, and are looking for as much support and advice as possible.  One of the top concerns people have when considering buying a  snack, soda, bulk candy, or combo vending machine is where they're going to locate the machine so they can make the most profit possible.

We offer some great information on this topic in our other blog posts, "How to Find Great Vending Locations"  and "To Hire or Not to Hire a Vending Locator?" ,  but here we give you 2 the simple facts which all businesses must know and if you include these facts in your sales approach, you will do well:

  1. A vending machine will improve productivity & morale within the workplace environment.
  2. A vending machine will also be an asset for your customers.  

Think of businesses where customers are frequently waiting for long periods of time, ie: auto repair shops, salons, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.  These types of businesses really need a vending machine to help If you are the owner of a healthy options vending machine, that can make it even easier to find a quality location.  Healthy Vending is only growing more and more popular, and it makes a business look good if they're conscious enough to offer their customers healthy options. 

Have your eye on a great location, but notice they already have a vending machine in place?  Don't let that discourage you!  If the business already has a traditional vending machine, you can offer a healthy alternative, and many times the owner will allow it because they want to encourage healthy lifestyle trends. You don't have to be a savvy salesperson to locate vending machines, you just need to understand how important vending machines are for a business, and relay that message to your potential customer. If you still need help locating your machine, you can hire a vending locator to find you great locations. Google 'vending locator' and call around to find the locator that's right for you.    


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