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In addition to our Great Prices and Lifetime Technical Support, The Discount Vending Store continues to make owning a vending machine business as simple as 1…2…3, with easy to download User Manuals.  Just scroll through and find your machine, then click the link and download your manual!!

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Combo/Healthy Vending Machine Manuals

Ams Sensit 1 Glass Front
AMS Sensit 2
AMS Sensit 3 Glass Front

Cosmic Series
Fortune Resources FEH

Fortune Resources NV-2020
Fortune Resources PC 700

Jofemar Vision Snack Plus
Genesis Office Deli
Genesis GO-326
Seaga Office Deli
Seaga OD 24
Seaga HF2000 – 3500 OM

Seaga VC630
Seaga VC730
Seaga Vista VC3000-1
Seaga Vista VC3500
Seaga Vista VC5000 Satellite
Seaga Vista VC5600
Seaga Vista VC8000

Snack Vending Machine Manuals

AP Snack Shop 111-112
AP Snack Shop 113
AP Snack Shop 4000
AP Snack Shop 5000

AP Snack Shop 6000

AP Snack Shop LCM1-2
AP Snack Shop LCM3-4
Rowe 5900
Seaga Infinity INF5B
Seaga Infinity INF5C
Seaga Infinity INF5S
USI 3129
USI 3120 GF
USI lance
USI Lance Addendum

Soda Vending Machine Manuals

Antares Refrigerator
Dixie 368 manual
Dixie-Narco 501
Dixie-Narco 600
Dixie-Narco Series II
Dixie-Narco SIID
Seaga Infinity INF5B
Vendo 480
Vendo 5.0
Vendo 5.1
Vendo 6.1 

Vendo Loading Instructions

Bulk Candy Vending Machine Manuals

Trio Candy Vending Machine
U-turn Eliminator / Terminator Assembly Diagram
U-turn 4 Head Assembly Diagram
U-turn Tumbler Assembly Diagram
Vendstar 3000 Assembly Diagram