Products to Vend From an Entrée Vending Machine

Posted September 29, 2014

Products to Vend From an Entrée Vending Machine

Are you getting the most out of your entrée vending machine?

entre vending machine productsThe entrée unit, also sometimes called a “satellite” unit, is an attachment that is available on many combo vending machines. The standard combo vending machine is typically one solid piece, with snack vending coils on top and a cooled drink portion on bottom. The entrée vending machine attaches seamlessly to the side of the combo machine and features coils similar to those on the snack vending machine unit, but larger, to accommodate items such as ramen noodles, cup-o-soups, de-hydrated dinners, and other non-refrigerated meals-on-the-go. So if you own an entrée attachment or are considering buying one, you’ll want to know what options are available to you when stocking your product.

The following is a list of products that are great options for your entrée vending machine, as well as their bulk prices (when available) and their general shelf lives:

Product                                                                                             Price                                                    Shelf-Life

Dole® canned fruit cups                                                             $6.00/12 cups                                         Up to 1 year

Chef Boyardee® lasagna mini’s                                                 $7.50/10 cups                                         2 years

Dinty Moore® microwave dinners (beef stews, etc .)                 $2.00/each                                              2 years

Campbell’s® microwavable soup cups                                       $2.50/each                                               2-3 years

Del Monte® veggie cups                                                             $7.00/16-pack                                         Up to 1 year

Hormel® ComplEATS (de-hydrated dinners)                              $2.00/each                                              Up to 2 years

Maruchan® Cup-o-Soups                                                            $7.25/24ct.                                              2-5 years

Chow Mein® Asian noodles                                                        $1.25/each                                               2-5 years

Bumble-Bee® tuna & crackers                                                   $30.00/12ct.                                              2 years

Kellogg’s® cereal cups                                                                  $3.00/8-pack                                          2-5 years

These were found at our local WalMart and Sam’s Club here in Colorado Springs in September of 2014, so they may differ from prices in your area, but it should give you a good general idea. Shelf-lives are also considered estimates, and you should always go by the product’s printed expiration date first. Keep in mind that our entrée vending machines are not cooled, so refrigerated and frozen meals will not keep. However, this list is merely a sample of the countless number of product options available to you, and only covers food vending, so the possibilities really are endless! At The Discount Vending Store, most of our combo vending machines for sale have the option to add an entrée unit for a small additional price. Take a look at our new and used machine pages for more details! Save Save Save

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